Our youth are confronted with so much pressure and ugliness in the world today.  They need a place where they can feel safe and develop into the kind of people God wants them to be.  Here at the GNOC we provide just that atmosphere.  Besides Friday night youth nights for fun and fellowship, Saturday morning youth meetings are also offered to learn more about Jesus.  Along with Summer of Kindness that offers a various assortment of classes (cooking, art, drama, drum, dance, etc.) including community service, they also attend a conference called Saturate.  At this conference hundreds of young people from around the northeast gather to worship and learn.

How would you describe Cherise Parris, our Youth Leader?  Serious about her relationship with Jesus and fun, fun, fun!  You only have to be around her for a few minutes to see how much she loves the youth and wants them to be all they can be for Jesus!